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About The Light Benders

The Light Benders Stained Glass Studio is an independent studio, established in 1978 in Phoenix, dedicated to providing the highest quality of professional craftsmanship possible, coupled with personalized service obtained in a one to one relationship with each of our clients. We constantly strive to ensure the total satisfaction of every customer with prompt, courteous service, from conception and design through to the final installation. Taking the time to understand each individual’s lifestyle enables us to blend the use of stained, leaded, beveled or etched glass effectively into your personal environment.

We (Lee and Julie) are the sole owners of the studio, and all the work is produced by us, as it has from the very beginning. This allows us to be fully involved with each project, and ensures that our customers, when they call or visit our studio, receive the one on one attention that they deserve. Problems, if they were to arise, can be handled quickly and efficiently and is what we strive for with each project we undertake.

Over the years, we have built up a solid following of both builders and interior designers with whom we work hand in hand on multiple projects in any given year. Working as a team, it’s a wonderful experience to watch a project come together for the client in every aspect of the job; whether it is a custom home, new office space or commercial setting, with everyone having the same goals, to ensure the complete satisfaction of the customer.

We realize that professionalism is paramount in today’s business environment, and to that end, we ensured early on in The Light Benders existence, that we had all our business licenses in place, to protect our clients and maintain the expected standards set by the Registrar of Contractors. We hold a Contractors License (ROC # 110479) for both Residential and Commercial stained, leaded, beveled and etched art glass and are also bonded and insured, providing peace of mind for our clients that they are dealing with a company who will stand behind our work. To this day, we have never had a single complaint filed against us with the Registrar, which we believe speaks volumes about our integrity and reliability.

Today, we are involved in the art glass world in many different areas, which include, but are not limited to, stained glass windows and stained glass panels (our mainstay!), on-site stained glass repair, leaded glass windows and panels, etched glass windows and etched glass panels, including etched glass for furniture (doors, etc.) and etched glass shower enclosures, beveled glass windows and panels. Another service we provide is antique restoration of stained glass and leaded glass, whether in antique lamp shades or antique furniture. Often, this involves pieces of curved, or “slumped” glass, which involves producing a mold of a damaged curved glass piece, and then slumping a flat piece of glass that matches the color and/or texture of the original over the mold in a kiln. This is a time consuming process, and requires constant vigilance to ensure the right amount of curvature whilst in the kiln. It took several years of trial and error to finally arrive at a repeatable sequence to ensure that we could restore an antique lamp or cabinet with curved glass elements. We are one of the very few studios in Arizona to offer this service.

Our website, as you can see, shows an overview of the scope of our work over the years, but only barely scratches the surface of what we have produced over nearly 4 decades of work. We have several comprehensive portfolios of our work that allow our clients to broaden their view and understanding of stained, leaded or beveled glass, and what it can contribute to the beauty of a home interior. We have been fortunate enough over the years to have drawn the attention of a number of local and regional publications, which include:

Phoenix Home and Garden Magazine
(In 2004 The Light Benders was awarded the prestigious “Master Of The Southwest” award in the glass category)

Sedona Home and Garden Magazine

The Arizona Republic and Gazette

The Scottsdale Progress